About Alpenglow Rail

At Alpenglow Rail, we know there are no shortcuts to success. Our forward-thinking team devotes critical time, energy, and resources upfront and along the way to ensure smooth transactions in each of our business relationships.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Alpenglow focuses on investing in, developing, and managing freight rail businesses and related transportation assets across North America. Through entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment, Alpenglow leverages best practices and synergies across assets and people to buy, develop and grow rail businesses.

Alpenglow formed a strategic partnership with Connor Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (CC&L Infrastructure), a proven investor with a strong track record in developing companies and creating long-term value. CC&L Infrastructure employs a long term investment approach. This commitment to owning and operating assets for the long-term allows Alpenglow to maintain the legacy of the railroad businesses acquired while driving value for both its customers and employees.

In partnership with Connor Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (CC&L Infrastructure), Alpenglow is well capitalized and can move quickly for the right opportunities.

Alpenglow currently owns three rail businesses, switches over 20,000 carloads, and is actively developing 3,000 acres of industrial parks.

  • VIP Rail Sarnia
  • VIP Rail Corunna
  • VIP Switching Services

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