Investment Strategy

Investment Targets

Our mission for Alpenglow is to continually build a portfolio of select rail, terminal, and port businesses that work together to strengthen and grow the rail industry.

With creative solutions that help railroad businesses and assets achieve their full potential, we bring investment and value to:

  • Shortline railroads
  • Multi-modal industrial parks and terminals
  • Transloading operations
  • Storage and switching yards
  • Railcar repair and cleaning operations
  • Other rail-related logistics opportunities

Investment Strategy

Alpenglow is strategically aligned with a proven investor with a long term investment strategy, Connor Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (CC&L). Through this partnership, we maintain the resources and funds needed to make valuable investments in the railroad space.

Alpenglow’s extensive experience combined with CC&L’s long-term investment approach provides a unique option for railroad owners exploring succession options. Alpenglow’s commitment to owning and operating assets for the long-term allows Alpenglow to maintain the legacy of the railroad businesses acquired while driving value for both its customers and employees.

Working with CC&L, Alpenglow brings unmatched levels of service, flexibility, and peace of mind to even the most complicated transactions – delivering unique solutions to meet various needs:

  • Customized succession plans at market value
  • Capital growth through joint ventures/partnerships
  • Infrastructure development and operation
  • Supply chain expertise and improvement
  • Greenfield projects in under-served markets

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